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A mysterious Sci-Fi visual Novel about a detective who saved the world!

Category : Casual

If you don't know what a visual novel is, it's a story-based game, with sounds and music in background, to give you the best storytelling experience. Story: The story events take place in the year 2032. A girl troubled who seeks revenge and uses the detective's help to achieve it. will detective Jaden uncovers the truth and stop the upcoming calamity that no one is prepared for? And stop a deadly virus from getting spread? Main Characters : - Detective Jaden : He prefers not to tell strange people his age, just a bad habit nothing else. He studied chemestry but he ended up a detective. He is very good at his job, but not very famous. - Emilia Rivers : 24 years old, she likes robots more than humans. her emotions are easily floating on her innocent face. She likes gardening, and cooking. Features : - Story text is only in english - Seven chapters - Awesome graphics - A thriller story - Great soundtracks