Tales of Sintra. The dark vortex

You are the chosen one. Wield the legendary weapons of the sintras, enchant them with powerful spells and fight against fearsome enemies. Not only will your strength be enough, you will also need your cunning to overcome the difficult challenges you will encounter in your adventure.

Every story needs a hero

All forms of life based on light are in danger. An ancient prophecy has been fulfilled and the dark vortex has been created. Only the Sintra brotherhood has the power to fight this evil. They will send their best warrior, the chosen one, to put an end to the threat. Search for the legendary weapons. Get the spells of ice and fire by defeating their guardians and enchant your weapons with their power.

Choose your weapon

Fight with bow, sword and shield or with two swords.

Deep action

Enchant your weapons with spells

Be ready for your enemies

Search for runes to enhance your weapons

Rich gameplay

Puzzles in which your cunning will be put to the test.